Friday, June 18, 2010

Where am I from?

A little story: My dad is from the states and when he was around 20+ he came to Israel and met my mom. They moved to the states where I was born. When I was 4 my sister was born

When I was 6 we moved to Israel. I had to learn a new language meet new family, new people.
When i was 9, my dad moved back to the states, my perents got devorced
While growing up I always missed the states! I missed it so much that I never stoped talking about it and wishing with all my heart to go back there
Only once, as a 11 year old girl I flew there to visit my dad
But finaly when I was 18 I got my big chance and I moved to the stats- to my dad who then lived in vegas- a dream come true!
And believe me- I loved it! I felt so free! that no one knows me, no one looks at me. I can be my self, I can do what ever I want. If I work I'll get payed fairly. I can studdy for free- what more can I ask for?
But after 9/11 many casino dealers in vegas were layed of work, including my dad. People were just scared to fly to the stats so there wasnt inough buisness for all those vegas hotels...
later on he lost his house, car, girlfriend... so when I was 20 I moved back to Israel {pregnent by the way :-)} and I started here in Israel as a single mom until I met my husbend today
And since then, I'm here in israel {7 years have passt}
I miss the states with all my heart! Every day I wish that some day we will all move there! I even calld my kids in names that you can pronounce them in Hebrew and in English as well. See? Im getting them ready for the big move since day one in their lifes.
So what can I say? I wish, I hope that one day we will move there. That my husbend will want to and that we will find the way to do so
And world peace to!

Blessings of love and happiness

Love- that we all have one another
I have my husbend and my kids and they are everything for me. We are everything for each other.
I am lucky to have all of them in my life. I cant emagine my self with out them

Even though this is not a easy time in our life-Happiness is always something we eger for
I am thankfull for seeing my kids happy, laughing
and Happy for what we have!

Oooops.... I did it again....

Again..... I know.... I promist my husbemd that I wont buy any more for a few monthes...
Starting now...

But this was a rare moment! The fat quarter shop had a up to 40% sale on all lecien fabrics!
So.... YOU KNOW.... I had no choice at all!

Look at those small sweet prints..
I love them all.....

By the way, it turns out that i have been blogging over a year. M y blogiversary was on may 15th. but i didnt know at the time..
So this is my 93 post- which means that I will have a fabric giveaway on my blog at my 100th post
So sooooonnnn....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am sick... fabricholic sick...

I just want more and more!
And the terrible thing is that there are shops that know how to use sickness like mine and they tempt me with all kinds of great sales....
I cant wait to sew again!!
By the way- some of you have asked me why cant I sew: The reason is that 3 monthes ago we discoverd a swallow-hole {but not a natural one} under our rented house. It was cuesd by a sewage pipe that broke many years ago under that house and the water created a cave of water.
Any way my husbend fell with the floor and out side, total of 2 times falling. Thats how we discoverd it. So we moved that day sos to a kibbutz my mom lives in. and we are steying in a temporary apartment.
Any way, we are hoping to find a house for rent in the close future. Then I can set my sewing room back up in action! Can't wait!

A blessing for health

We are all healthy and I am thankfull for it!

And I feel that I need to explain my self about the last 3 posts.

I wasn't sure if i should bring such a subject to my blog. But with every thing going on latly...

and me living here- I had to use this blog to show the truth

unfortunately most of the world doesnt know what's realy going on here and israel is blamed every time it reacts to terrorisem.

Terrorists and terrorists supporters are succeeding to manipulate the media and who ever belives that media

They hide behing humaneterion masks, all for one reason: to attack Israel. And as you all know Israel is under constent threat for years all through history

I think that all of the hate and blaming israel is a resoult of not knowing enough about whats happening here

All hate is a direct cues of egnorincy- in any subject

And I think that its importent to studdy the subject before beliving the media

Thats why I brought the 2 first movies that are showing true things and true knowlege based on true experiance

The third movie explains the flutila event in a humaristic way- which is funny to wach

so thats it...

free gaza from hamas-the truth about hamas

I am useing my blog for a moment fot things that are not related to sewing and my family.

As you all know I am from Israel and I am sorry to say but the world doesnt REALY know whats going on here.

These are a few videos that show the truth

Goldstone Gaza Report: Col. Richard Kemp Testifies at U.N. Emergency Ses...

Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Second entry

A skirt I made for Alex in the past

I miss sewing!!!!!!

Entring a nother contest

Pillows I made out of love for every single material used here:

I just love them
By the way to enter this contest go to:

Friday, June 4, 2010

My new fabric..

Just arrieved from the FQ shop
I am so inlove! I cant wait to sew again! this is real torture!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Check this out

Barb of bejeweled quilts is having a giveaway of a "accuquilt go" {or is it go accuquilt??...} hhmmm...
Any way i want it {ofcorse..} so I am blogging about it to let all of you know. And if you happend to enter the giveaway please mention that you saw it in my blog... {thanks!!}