Saturday, April 21, 2012

One of the bigest dreams I can dream about, at this moment

A Cocochoo faceplates giveaway! One of my favorite customizers on earth! Which usally I cant afford!

So Im trying my luck now :-)

the great giveaway is on

With an intresting interview with dear coco, the giveaway is here!

And just to get to know coco and her great & unique work, here's her flickr:

I wish and wish and hope and hope!!!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Alice and Vicky are ready + A new doll in the house

Vicky is now a new girl.
she got customized by my friend natigil76 on flicker- and i am amazed!!!
i still dont have her here. shes at ilil's house after beeing photographed by her.
these pictures were taken by ilil ziv- amazing!!!!

My dear Alice finaly came back home. Here she's just walking in after a long trip. Alice has 3 new beauty marks+ custom painted eye chips+ new aye chips which i bought from ebay

what a perfect perfect doll she is!!!!!

her sleepy eye's... :-)

And this is the new family member! This girl belongs to my doughter and her name is Nadia :-)

Alexs 2 dolls up to today :-)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The only new things happening right now are:

First of all, on september first its Alex's 8th birtday! She asked for another doll {good girl!}
And she wants all her dolls to have only black or dark brown hair! {again-good girl has a good taste!} :-D
So we bought this beauty "Laounging Lovely" and now we are waiting for her to arrive! can't wait!

I got these handmade cuteness in the mail a few days ago from my friend Moran. Now I need to sew her 2 surprise skirts! yey!

First picture is a sweet handmade bear hat i got from a private swap with my friend Victoria.
Bottom picture is of some stuff i bought from ebay and received recently in the mail

Since I bought Alice all ready customized, I wanted to "give" her something that will be from me, her new mommy. So I'v sent her to our frind natigil76 on flickr which is a custom artist genius. She and ilil actualy made Alice so pretty and perfect the first time. So since shes so perfect there's not much to do except she add a few beauty marks {or personality marks as she calls them :-)} and a new pair of custom handmade eye chips as seen in picture. And another bright yellow eye chips pair which I bought.
So this picture was taken by her place, Alice is enjoying her time at the spa
and shes still there... becues.... :-)

New beautiful eye chip's!

Becues Vicky is there as well! Getting full customization!

A picture I got today while working on her! WOW!! I cant wait to see her in person! But I need to wait becues I orderd a new Licca body to put insted of her original body. So I had it sent to her address so I guess I'll just wait untill her new body will arrive- hopefully soon!!!!


I think that this is one of the things that make me love blythe: that there is always something new happening. A new doll, a custom work going on, a new swap, new friends, changes... you name it! Its a very much "alive" collection

Thats one of the reasons why I love it so much!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sewing for Blythe

Collecting blythe for me is a great opportunity to sew!

First thing was renewing this cute basket so I can use it for my only doll+clothes I had back then, which was Vicky.
The christmas fabric is the BEFORE
and the vintage fabric is the AFTER
Up until this basket I havent sewd any thing for over a year. I was pretty rusty :-)

Then came these skirts I had in mind of making. I still make them for sales, swaps, trades and so..

I made this for a swap, which up until this day I got nothing inreturn+ she kind of disappeard... Im pretty pissed about it now when I look at this picture :-/

The swap theme was: SPRING

Made this for another swap which was very successful! My swap partner is now a friend on flickr- she's very sweet!

The swap theme was: SUMMER

I made the rainbow dress for a challenge on flickr. The theme was: RAINBOW

and I made the B&W dress just for the funny picture :-)

More clothes and dresses Iv made

Dress made for a private swap with a driend in israel

One of my skirts and I'v fixed this overall by making is shorter

More skirts but the picture if funny so i had to add it :-)

Dress made for chocolate which is realy my doughters doll, but shes like mine lol

And Im still sewing, still swapping, more pictures will be taken soon

I cant wait for the kids to go back to school! I cant wait to realy sew! pillows,quilts, real size clothes and so..

Sunday, August 28, 2011

And then came beautiful Alice!

After getting Chole I wanted another one :-)
One morning I got a phone call from a friend telling me that she wants to sale this customized beauty call'd Alice and she wanted to let me know becues she rememberd that i liked her
Yes, that was true, i did love the way she looks. I remember seeing her in photos when she was a regular mango doll, I remember the pictures that came out after she got costumized by a costum artist. When I saw what she turned in to I always said that she is the most beautifull red head {or orange} that I'v ever seen! + she was all ready! costumized+ new body :-)

Here are a few pictures taken by her former mommy: Ilil Ziv

picture by: ilil ziv

picture by: ilil ziv

A bag of good's given to me by ilil for purchasing Alice {which was my pleasure ofcource:-) }

Alice here with me, a little sad for leaving ilil. But I promised her that ill take good care of her :-)

As I said, I planed on taking good care of her so this is a dress+hat i got especially for her

isnt she perfect???

And now shes not here

Alice and Vicky are at the "spa"

getting costumized and will return soon


Saturday, August 27, 2011


So Alex and Raz were getting each a new doll from the box! I was already paying PCM-Dawn off in payments so it didnt count :-)
I needed a new doll for my self!
One night I saw on ebay a very starnge thing! I saw this little beauty standing on 99c and less then 24 hours before the sale ends.. In the morning I saw that she was still standing on just 99c! So i waited and waited all day in front of the computer! it was such a tough day! At the end I won her for just $64!!! Now this doll is usally $220! So this was totaly a miracle and i won big time!+she is so sweet, i love her and her name is Chole :-)

Look at all the goodies they sent me in the package with her - straight from Japan!

Come play with us :-)

Chole with all her stock clothes and she has quite alot!

You are so beautiful!

chocolate and venilla

It all started before summer vecation.
My husbends doughter, Raz, fell inlove with my Vicky and wanted a doll for her self :-)
Her mother decided to buy her one for the comming summer vecation and gave me the money to order one for cheap.
Buying chocolate and vanilla together is the cheapest way to go :-)
Any way our doughter Alex wanted one as well {and what ever is her's is mine!} :-D
They arrieved before PCM.. and here they are:

Come out! :-0

Sisters :-)

All together for the day before vanilla goes to her new house with Raz

By the way, chocolates neme is Chocolate

and vanillas name is Lili

Chocolate with a dress and crown made by me. The dress was made for a rainbow challenge on flickr