Friday, June 26, 2009

something new for sale

something new on "mellow's store" :

and a nother something for my un born- yet chiled/baby

challenge No. 2

challenge nomber 2 on anat's and my commune-craftime was "creating in white". so ofcorse i'm late with my creation. im always good in being late...

hear is a needle felted baby polar bear snefing the ground, all in white

isnt he cute?

internet stuff

so...i havent writen hear for a while. and i didnt mention before that i won something on the sew mama sew may giveaway"!! yes! so i won i bag of leather scraps from

go chek out her cool blog and her beautiful work

a nother thing i did: i joind in a FQ swap for the first time. hear in israel we never did that as a swap. and maybe i'll orgenize one since its such of a good idea. the only swaps we do hear {and we do them alot} are swaps that have a theme. like kitchen stuff' or makeup bags and so... all sewn up.

so i joind the FQ swap that 2 hippos orgenized hear:

hear's what i'v sent to my 2 swap partners. i'v sent the same to both of them and the orange stripes is the FQ and the rest of it are some nice fabric scraps that look summery to me..

next and last thing: right hear there's a very cool giveaway going on:

of a vintage pattern and fabric to go with it. so in osder to join in everyone needs to choose a pattern and some fabric

this is what i chose- ofcorse i think and look first of all at maternaty clothes so i loved this dress with the blue fish fabric and i would make it with short sleevs from the cream colored fabric.

probably i wont win. but its nice to dream....

Friday, June 19, 2009

my new blog's store

so, now i have a nother blog that's calld "mellow's store". its still in a building proces but in time its going to look better. in the meanwhile go check it out

אז כפי שכתבתי באנגלית: יש לי בלוג חדש ונוסף שקוראים לו mellow's store
הבלוג עדיין בתהליך בנייה אבל ישתפר עם הזמן. כמו כן, יהיו עוד ועוד מוצרים למכירה עם הזמן.. אז שווה להכנס ולבדוק מדי פעם מה חדש

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the fabric shoppers giveaway

There is a very fun giveaway going on the fabric shoppers blog.

So had to pick 12 maching fabric's with a them, in order to sign in.. so for me, looking at fabric and maching them up is just a very normal way that i like spending my time on the computer. so this is what i picked, hopefully to win

my them was "hot summer"

isnt that beautiful?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I desided that i should start writing in english in this blog. and actualy, whay not?? i was born in the stats, mooved to israel when i was 6 then mooved back to the stats between the ages of

and since then i live hear... in israel.... and i wish i was back in the stats.... so when i speak english it sounds ok but writing is a diffarent story.... i'll just have to get used to it... and in time it will probably improve. hopefully...
i am doing this cues even thogh there is a great comunety of women who sew and blog on the web in israel, there are all these wonderfull blogs in english that i subscribed on googel reader. and they are so wonderfull that i cant resist cheking them out every day to see whats new? and to learn and get some insperation.
so thats why....
Now- finally another 2 swaps that i partecepated in are over! so i can show what i made and sent out to a new home. but i cant show what was made for me cues i didnt get them yet.. but probley this week i'll have some interesting packeges in the mail! and thats why i love to swap!
so this was for a swap of "muse" every girl got a name and hade to send something that inspires her, something that she loves... like a poam or a picture and so... and then the woman receiving the "insperation" has to creat something and send it back.
so i recieved a song that's calld "daniel" in hebrew. its about a boy who sleeps and in his dreams there are all kinds of visiters... like snow white, angels, a bird and so...

its a toy bag, with needle felted sleeping daniel, and some other figers from his dream...

second swap was about animals. every one of us chose her favorite animals. after giving out the swap names to send to, every one of us hade a choice of animals to make for our swap partner

so i chose a dog. and i totaly fell inlove with him! this was whan of the only times that i hasetated before sending something out in the mail....

by by dogy....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

for the Sewing Machine Month on the sew mama sew blog

What brand and model do you have?-a singer just like the one in the picture

How long have you had it- im useing it for almost a year. before this sewing machine i hade a difarent old singers sewing machine

How much does that machine cost (approximately- probably in israel around 100$ cues every thing is way more expensive hear. in the stats i have no idea...

What types of things do you sew (i.e. quilting, clothing, handbags, home dec projects, etc- i think a bout every thing and im planning on getting better and better in time and doing more and more stuff

How much do you sew? How much wear and tear does the machine get in the past fewe days i have ben sewing a lot! but since i have this machine i'v ben sewing less cues it agrevates me! so i'v ben neddle felting more. but im happy to be back in my sewing room! :-)

Do you like/love/hate your machine? Are you ambivalent? Passionate? Does she have a name- no she doesnt have a name but i am addicted to sewing even in the times that i dont sew. every day i look at what is new in the sewing world over the computer. and every night i dream a bout diffarent projects and fabric!!

What features does your machine have that work well for you- well it doesnt have any thing special.. i just need it work well! and then i am well!!
Is there anything that drives you nuts about your machine- yes!! that it doesnt always do all the stiches that it should! and it skipps some time! and when i zigzag the edges so it doesnt zugzag the same size of stich the whole way and then the tread gets stuck while sewing serten things!! some times i realy get so fustrated that i cant keep on sewing like that. but when shes good i say to her a lot of thank!!!!

Do you have a great story to share about your machine (i.e., Found it under the Christmas tree? Dropped it on the kitchen floor? Sewed your fingernail to your zipper?, Got it from your Great Grandma?, etc.!)? We want to hear it- well there is a very special story behind this machine, first of all it was my husbends. and he got it from the father of his x girlfriend that happens to be the mother of his first child. never mind all that. the very intresting fact about this sewing machine is that her father was a very known pilot hear in israel that flew above a erab contry and his plane crashed but he perrashuted him self out in time. and he was capcherd in a enamy teretory foe some years. so this is the sewing machine, from back in the days that israels air force hade sent him in to prison. when he returned to israel he broght the sewing machine with him. and up until today he is very known hear in israel. even thogh i have no tipe of realationship with him or his family, i would like one day to give ut back to him. he deserves it, maybe its special to him....

Would you recommend the machine to others? Why - no cues i dont know any thing that is werth recomending about

What factors do you think are important to consider when looking for a new machine- that the inside of the machine is not only made of plastic! i think that its important for the wheels to be made out of mettal!

Do you have a dream machine- januma or paff... some kind of a better machine for home and some buisness use that i can fall inlove with

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

כריות רקומות - קטנות וגדולות...

אז לפני שבוע בערך, כתבתי כאן שהייתי בדואר, על הבוקר.
ושקיבלתי משהו מקסים! אז סוף סוף אפשר לחשוף תמונות מהחלפת הביסקורנו בקומונת ריקמה בתפוז!
זה מה שקיבלתי מרונית פלוס המוכשרת!!! איזה כיף!! והמון תודה לרונית! אני מאושרת עד הגג עם הביסקורנו הזה!

ואת זה שלחתי לבל היקרה:

{הריקמה בעיצובי...}

ואם אנחנו כבר עוסקים בריקמות אז לפני זה, ב 3 ימים האחרונים אני ממש מנסה לא לתת לעצלנות הרגילה שלי להשתלט ואני שולחת את עצמי לחדר תפירה כדי לתפור סוף סוף!! {ואגב, זה ממש כיף לחזור לזה!}
לרוב, בתקופה האחרונה הלכתי יותר על עבודות ליבוד במחט מכיוון שלא צריך להתקע מול המכונת תפירה ואפשר ללבד במחט מול המחשב או אפילו במיטה.

אז את רוב הדברים אני לא יכולה לחשוף כאן כי שוב פעם, זה נתפר להחלפות שתרם הסתיימו.
אבל תפרתי 3 ארנקים שכרגע אחד מהם כבר מוצג כאן בבלוג למכירה. השניים האחרים יפורסמו מחר.
מספר מוביילים שחלקם מוכנים וחלקם בדרך....

ולפני כמה חודשים רקמתי ריקמות של pelin tezer, אומנית ריקמה מדהימה מטורקיה. ולא ידעתי מה לעשות עם הריקמות האלו.
אז הינה, סוף סוף מצאתי להם שימוש:

נכון מתוק?

mellow's store

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