Friday, June 26, 2009

internet stuff

so...i havent writen hear for a while. and i didnt mention before that i won something on the sew mama sew may giveaway"!! yes! so i won i bag of leather scraps from

go chek out her cool blog and her beautiful work

a nother thing i did: i joind in a FQ swap for the first time. hear in israel we never did that as a swap. and maybe i'll orgenize one since its such of a good idea. the only swaps we do hear {and we do them alot} are swaps that have a theme. like kitchen stuff' or makeup bags and so... all sewn up.

so i joind the FQ swap that 2 hippos orgenized hear:

hear's what i'v sent to my 2 swap partners. i'v sent the same to both of them and the orange stripes is the FQ and the rest of it are some nice fabric scraps that look summery to me..

next and last thing: right hear there's a very cool giveaway going on:

of a vintage pattern and fabric to go with it. so in osder to join in everyone needs to choose a pattern and some fabric

this is what i chose- ofcorse i think and look first of all at maternaty clothes so i loved this dress with the blue fish fabric and i would make it with short sleevs from the cream colored fabric.

probably i wont win. but its nice to dream....

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