Friday, February 26, 2010

Geting closer...

Geting closer to sewing

My sewing stuff is back in the house. Now i need to get things orgenized.


All fabric is folded up... i love my fabric..
i need more of it but i love my fabric
i cant wait to get some sewing done!!

aida, organza and other tipes of fabric

cute sweet closet- but needs a make over
and it will, one day...

cotten, flanel, felt-all the good stuf..

My cotten fabric= LOVE

Today is PURIM

A family of animals!!

Eli is a white poodle- so sweet!

And Alex is a frog!! how cute is that?

Tom is a beautiful green dragon

They are so cute! i love them all!!!

spring in february

While i was sleeping...

They took my camera...

I cant take it!

I love babies!
I love my babies!
I love Tom!
I want to eat him!!!- Thats it!!!


Monday, February 15, 2010

I cant wait to get my sewing room back in the house!

My sewing room is in a house that is out side of our house.
i cant wait to moove it back in here! its all taking time beacues of the work that we are doing on the house, little by little...

while my husbend was fixing the wall i did this:
i need to practice on quilting so i want to make many small quilts to hang on a wall one next to each other. and its a great way to practice!

Since my sewing room is not in my house yet i cant sew becuse of tom being with me all the time! so as usall i have been going throgh my google reader every day, looking at so many beautiful blogs, getting inspired, and joining giveaways. This is from a giveaway that i won over rosebud quilts by lovely michelle. {i even won this exactly on my birthday! yey!!}
Michelle is a genios quilter! look in her blog and you will see her beautiful work and family!
thank you michelle!!
Now i am waiting and hoping that my sewing room will moove back fast!! I am inlove!!

And a nother big reason why i need to sew: for tom and the kids!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

look what he did!

We live in a rented house. Now, hear in israel its very commen that the houses are old and need alot of work! but many owners who rent the houses or appartment dont want to fix any thing- they only want the rent money!
Here, in israel, alot of laws dont make any sense or no one does what the law says cues the police and the cort of law are to week. this is a very hard country to live in! Its always nice to visit here but not to stay and live. I cant wait to leave this country, one day...

So our house was 2 small for the 5 of us. so my husbend closed the porch by building wooden walls- but wait! he is not done yet! we still need to paint the walls around it and the red painted bricks also need to be painted- all in white.
and then he took a wall down! and this is how it looked for a while... we realy sufferd from it. it is so hard to live in a ugly house.

Next step: over a week ago my husbend workd 2 days on this. and our house was so derty. every day i had to clean every thing up again and wash the floor. but it already was better then before

The end of the nightmear: the wall is fixed and painted! there is still much to do in the porch, in the roof in the kitchen.. the floor....
i will show you all, at the end the before and after pictures

Now can you belive the the house owner calld us up and wanted to rais our rent??? after fixing his house for free, making it better and bigger- he wants more money!
this week he will come over, see what we have done and i will have a seriose conversation with him. now i want him to fix everything around... will see how it goes....
See? in israel you need to be tough. cues if your not then you unfortanatly lose. if you are innocent like we are then you get stepd on and used. that is about what we go through in our lives here in israel. every one bargens on everything, other wise they lose.
its a very tiring life....
Did i say that i cant wait to get out of here?

my 3 boys