Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thank you michal!!!!!!

Dear Michal- i was so happy when i got this in the mail from you!
i was so excited from the fabric you picket out for me. its so not israely and so texas style that it was very exciting to recieve!

I was also born in the states. and i may have some problems in writing but when i speak my english is much better. but any way when i saw this fabric it made me miss the states once again.
I always miss going back. and with no doubt i would rather live there and not hear! and my haert will always belong there. so thanks alot for the fabric- its very american and i love it!!!

And most important: feel good! and good luck in moving to a new house, soon.....

I love useing scraps

Something new......

In a very scrapy look....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recent swaps and recent shops

Recent swaps:

This is a beautiful pillow that i recieved from the "animal swap" that we did a a month ago in our forum. Thanks shoshy!!!! i love it!!!!!
I'v sent out the needle feltd dog that i'v showed hear a while ago.

But i 'v also sent this to a nother nice lady-

This is a beautiful stash of ribbons that i have just recieved! i love it!!! and i havent sent any thing in returen yet... but i will!! thanks michal!!

And remember the summer FQ swap from the 2 hippos blog?
So i have already sent mine out a while ago, and this is what i recieved from dayna from
i love this piece of fabric!!! it brings me back to girlish colores that i'v almost fergot about....
any way i love it and cant wait to make something out of it!

Another swap that hasent ended yet is the fabric swap from sarah great blog:
And i'v sent these directly to sarah her self, sarah what do you think about this?
I hope you like it :-)

And now, recent shopping:
This is the result of being pregnant! some wemon crave diffarent flavers of food. But i crave food and fabric!!!
So theres a "nick name" that sales fabric and scrap stuff over a forum that go in. and her prices are better then what i find around my area of living.
this is what i bought for my future baby. i bought a tottal of 7 meters of fabric! yayyyy!!! i love getting alot of fabric!
im about to sew some crib sheets for the baby.

But, unfortantly these 2 fabrics are not 100% cotton. Not every one would know the diffarence... i know that they lie in many stores and say that its cotton when its realy blended. So thats what happend to the nice lady that i bought this from.
So if any one would like to have these fabrics for the use of clothes, or something alls and has any thing to offer me in returen- be my gest and write me about it to my mail.

Next please....
2 half meter fabrics from the neer by shop... arent they adorable???
I bought this out of pure craving....

and today i craved something new, again....... its realy not me.... its the baby inside of me......

Now i'm hungry for more!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The museum of science in haifa- israel

We went to the museum of science in haifa. for a long time we had wantd to go there. i have ben there a few times but only as a chiled. but now, that I'm married and as mothere, plus my husband and i love science... so we just had to spend a day there with the kids... soon i wont be able to go out with 3 small kids, so it was a good apportunity to go out like that. and we hade a great time!

I didnt take pictures of every thing we saw, and it was very hard to concentrate and understand every thing that they have over there becues we had to look after Eli, our wild 2 year old boy. but still, even with out understanding every single thing we hade a great time!

Here's some pictures- there's a realy pretty room of an old toy collection. here's some of thoes very cool toy's from the past:

Another cool room was a room that showd the science behind magic.
Here's a real elephant in the mirror! just joking, its me.... but i sure do look like one!!

How objects "fly" in the air:

A bed of nail's... very cool!!
{my husband oren and our daughter alex}

O my god! where's her body?

And my favorite room was the "dark room" that has alot of great stuff to injoy
Here's a ball with electricity

and last picture, alex and eli with the colores of light

Friday, July 17, 2009

I cant belive it!

But i havent wrote any thing in my blog for almost a monthe!
the reasons are: pregnancy, summer, heat, children, summer vecation, contractions, sleep...
and just waiting for time to pass by so i'll have this baby already!

And ofcorse every day that goes by is a diffarent day. and some days im just resting {exept taking care of the children, making food, driving them, showering them, running after them, cleaning after them..... ya, resting......}

And then there's othere days that something happens like me having birth contractions to early and needing to drive to the hospetal to stop them. or just all of us going out some where as a famely and haveing some fun... or othere stuff.... like preparing the house fore the new baby, washing new born clothes and more....

So, thats why i hardly have any time to write or create. but hopefully ill find the time soon...