Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For my mom

Giving back to Aviv

Aviv is a very good friend, a nother angel that gave me alot of help!
When i was in the hospetal, giving birth to Tom, Alex stayd over her best friend for days! And Aviv is the mother of Alex's best friend. So she is the one who took such good care of Alex and did every thing for her in those days. Plus, after i came home and Oren, my husband went back to work, she used to cook and send food with her husbend to our house just becues she wanted to help. So she realy is an angel!
I hope she'll like these things i made for her...

This is for the lessons she does for small kids and babies:

And this is all for her:

I think my kids are beautiful!!!

And yes! I am showing off!! - cues i'm the mommy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pay it forward- who wants a presant from me?

Pay it forward is a game that i saw a few times going around in other blogs and now desided to try. Today i saw that Norma from "Petit Debutant" http://blog.petitdebutant.com/ , started this game in her blog and now i am starting it 2.
So this is how it goes: The first 3 who comment in this post will get something hand made from me in the next 365 days. So i have one year to deliver but as i know my self it will be much sooner. And the 3 people that cooment hear, also need to write the same post in there blog and make something hand made for the first 3.... and so on....
So who wants to play?

אז הינה זה בעברית, למי שאין כוח לקרוא באנגלית...
זה בעצם משחק שכזה שמסתובב בכל מיני בלוגים ברחבי העולם. המשחק הולך ככה: השלושה אנשים הראשונים שמגיבים לפוסט הזה יקבלו ממני מתנה, עבודת יד. יש לי 365 ימים להכין ולשלוח את זה אבל כמו שאני מכירה את עצמי זה יקח הרבה הרבה פחות זמן מזה אז אל דאגה.
השלושה אנשים האלו שמגיבים כאן צריכים גם הם לפרסם פוסט כזה בבלוג שלהם ולהתחייב לתת משהו עבודת יד שלהם לשלושה הראשונים שיגיבו אצלם וכן הלאה והלאה...
נשמע נחמדיש נכון?
אז מי רוצה לשחק?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This must be mine!

Love is in the air! i am inlove! here is a great giveaway- please dont enter! :-D

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sorry! I cant take it!

Above all, I just cant take it! He is becoming cuter every second!

I just want to eat him!

Tom earlyer this week:

After a few minets:

He is defenatly perfect!

My scrapy art life

Here are a few reasons why i love fabric acraps... And why i always loved fabric scraps....

There are endless posabilities.....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A scrapy flower crown tutorial

1) Materials: A strong but flexable metal whire, pliers and fabric scraps

2) first of all i started making the flowers. I decided to make some scrapy roses, but you can do what ever flower you most desire for. This is how i made mine: I took white fabric, i cut it in to rectangles and then took diffarnt patternd pink fabric and sewd two pices of each, together.

And here you can see them all lined up:

3)Then i zigzag cut one side of rectangles, with regular scissers. Then i rolld them up like this:

All rolld up:

4) Then i made the leafs from small green triangles:

5) And now for the "crown" it self: I took white flannel fabric and wrapt tightly around the metal whire. Then i sewd through in different directins:

6) And now for the fun part: Decorating!
I made white straps like these:

And tied them all around

7) I took black thread to connect the roses by sewing threw them and tieing them up to the decorated whire

All most done!

Just missing a pink satin ribbon:

8) And all you need is a cute head to put it on like this one:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I forgot to mention:

In my last post's i showed these things that i sewd, but i forgot to mention where the tutorials came from.

So this amazing bag comes from a great tutorial {in hebrew, but can be done from pictures}
by Ofra from her great blog:

And this quilted basket is from a tutorial made by Pink penguin at her great blog:

Both tutorials are highly recomended!

Tom is 2 monthes old!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Giving back to Enbal

The first frend i had in mind that i shuld give back to is Enbal.
Enbal is one of the most nicest people i know. She is like an angel. Always nice, smart, giving...
She is a super talented painter. And she gave me 5 amazing paintings! and since then i knew that one day i'll have to sit down and start sewing back for her... and sew i did!
At 9-9-9 she gave birth to a perfect new baby, so that was a nother good reson to sew for.

{And since i have my own little baby, i made every thing twice!}

A rag quilt for her baby

A bag for Enbal

And one for me. I think that this bag looks very like a diper bag.


A worm from "little bit of whimsy dolls" blog
The pink is for her, the blue is for tom
Again, one for her and one for tom

And i little banana i made a while back and never had any use. Also for Enbal..

Every thing for her, together..