Tuesday, August 25, 2009

for tom

tom is 2 weeks old!! {plus one day...}
and for his 2 week birthday i'll show you what i made for him while i was pregnant.

hear's tom, 2 weeks old!

a rag quilt for him

matching crib sheets

flannel blankets with a coton fabric polka dot side

and a small quilted basket for all kinds of stuff

and thats it!
i cant wait to get back in sewing again! i miss it so much and have alot to do!

Friday, August 21, 2009


i haven ben hear for a while
but i have the best reason!
on august 10 tom was born!!!!!

and hear are some pictures:

this is the first picture in tom's life! brand new!

later on, in the hospital..

with Eli, his big brother....

and Eli isnt so happy. he's a little shoket... plus he doesnt want to be around me any more, since then.....
o well....

Tom with mommy

Alex with her new "webkinz pet". ya right....
she loves webkinz and she loves her new brother and it is kind of the same... isnt it?

on the way home...

at home: the first week...

he is awake!

look how sweet he is! it realy is the wonders in life! i am still amazed by how this perfect little human being came out of me... what a unbalivable thing!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

sorry for unsubscribing....

I am subscribed to many blogs from all diffarent tipes of hand making things.

everyday i sit infront of my "googel reader" and look at all the great pictures and posts of all the wonderful blogs i am subscribed to. it gives me ideas. and it also shows me the life in other cuntries and in other famaly's. and i look forword for it every morning.

but- hear's the deal, if i miss a day going in my googel reader, then after words i will need to spend hours going throgh every picture and every post i like. and many times i cant do that so i miss alot....

and nowi am almost due. and soon i will have the baby that i am soooo waiting for and i will miss days and days on the computer. this is why i am unsubscribing from many crafty blogs. its not becues i dont like you any more. its becues that i love looking at all this wonderfull posts. but time is neede to do that. and now i am runnig out of time. so i must leave my self subscribed to much less blogs for now.... until time will come and i 'll have more of it......

so i am truely sorry- everyone who i am unsubscribing from.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Look at this scrapy and perfect quilt!

no- i didnt make it! i wish i could! this is a giveaway quilt from marie-madeline studio

right hear: http://mariemadelinestudio.typepad.com/mariemadeline_studio/2009/07/the-happy-scrappy-quilt-giveaway.html

good luck!!! {ya right!}