Saturday, October 2, 2010

I miss you- blog. and i miss all my blog friends

I realy miss all of you.
I have no contact any more with any one. alot is going on buy even though i have a problem with keeping up with all of you who i follow as well and with all other blogs i follow- my problem is that i am following to many blogs all ready and my google reader is packed with unread posts. i unsubscribed from many blogs all ready so i can still read the ones that i realy like and there are still to many blogs in there! so i am totaly disconected from blogiversary out of israel..

becides that i'll tell you whats new over here- we havent moved yet. we will move in the middle of next week- cant wait!
i have opend a blog-store and have start to sale fabric here in israel- i hope to succeed and grow in time
also it was orens and my anniversary a few days ago but we havent done any thing speciel. i hope we will after we move.

and also- i miss you all and if any of you have a solution on how to get controll on the wild google reader again- i would be happy to hear about it

take care everyone!!!

Pictures of Tom by Alex

Friday, September 10, 2010

so long....

since i last blogged...
finaly summer vecation is over and on september 1 Alex started first gread and she is doing great! and also it was her 7th birthday! i have no pictures to share, i started fogeting my camara latly...
Eli hasent started day care yet becues we are finaly going to move to a new place! yey!! after living half year in a kibbutz, sleeping in the same room with the kids we finaly found something that can work for us. so in a nother week or two we will make the big move
when we move ill share some info and pictures about that new place.

so, sorry for not blogging, i am hoping that soon i will have more time to blog and even sew!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy first birthday my sweet little TOM

My third child.
So sweet!
So kind and good
And shy

I love this baby!!! I love all of my 3 kids but today its Tom's first birthday and I wish him a happy healthy easy and beautiful life! I hope I will be able to give you all of that
We love you TOM!

My wish list from etsy!

Is a dream japanese patern book shop- I want everything from there! but these are 4 books that i wish i had:



SUMMER DRESSES n2556 Japanese Sewing Book-


And I love japanese fabric! And I love The Fat connection shop!

like this sweet fabric: Happy Chihuahua, Blue - Kawaii Japanese fabric(0.5yard)-

If you have A wish list from etsy, post about it on your blog and link back to craft gossip to:


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some more blessings

I have so many new followers! yey! so I'll explain about this stitch along again

The talented gifted Amy from inspire co blog started another stitch along. The first one I misst but I'v seen many beautiful pictures of it around blog land. So this time I joined in time. The stitch along is calld "counting my blessings" and she even started a new blog for it:

Immediately I thought that this is not quite for me. Im not in such a good time right now with my life, alot going around us and not everything is good... Plus we are talking about 100 blessings!!! Its hard to find that much blessings! So becues its hard I thought that I'll give it a try... plus it would look nice on the wall when its done.. ;-)
Up until now I havent done much, Every time I would concentrate on something that I am blesset for but its taking for ever!!
So now I found a new sistem to conquer this project. I sat and thought about all the things that can come up in my mind that I like and love and for that Im blessed of. I drew all of them and that made me free to just stitch and injoy!
So this is the drawing part- And by the way, I realy didnt find 100 things.. so there will be alot of blank blocks which is fine with me..

The sun, that shines and gives us wormth and day

Green my favorite color

For having a roof above our heads

This is god to me- Infinity, Endless. I dont feel that Im part of any religion. I was born jewish but I dont feel jewish. I simply feel humen. And for me god is everything. Its nature and the nature of all things. Since there is infinity - that is god to me. So this is just a simble for that


For my voice- I can sing! I even went to singing lessons for 6 years but Im to shy to performe

For fabric - of course... :-)

We are 3: first I was born. then my sister and them my brother. I love them very much. And we all love the color green by the way so this block is green

More fabric...

That I can doubt. If I wont doubt and ask, how will I know the truth about things?

That I can think!

For design- which I love the subject

For dreams....

For inspiratin that is every where

For winter and rain. I dont like to swet! I miss the winter

For simplicity which some times I find, some times I have...

More things we did

Actually we havent done much...
But one night the kids were up until late so I took them to my sisters work. She works in a dining room in a plastic factory in the kibbutz. This is how A plastic factory looks like:

My sister at work

And the dining room... for the kids its a "good" opportunity to eat snacks and junk... unfortunately I always use that opportunity as well... and eat junk!

After that Eli had the flu. Then I got it and then Oren, my husbend so we didnt do any thing until last saturday we went to the stable in the kibbutz.
Tom was scared of the horses

Alex, she LOVES animals!!

The Dimond: Tom

Eli with a horn on his head

And at the end we were all derty from drawing with some coal we found

Sunday, August 1, 2010

And the winner is......

Nomber 89 is JINGEL!!!!!


I'll be contacting you right away


And now- I wanted to thank all of you for your great comments! its so nice to recieve such nice comments from nice people. While reading I wanted to answer each one of you but I just dont have that time right now with the kids around me every second. But thank you all very much!

And since I now have over 100 followers, that means that I will have another giveaway in the close future

Sunday, July 25, 2010

100th post and giveaway!!!

Giveaway closed
Finaly!!! I was so waiting for this moment! I got these fabrics from a local shop here in Israel, for one of you.
Its 6 FQ, total of 1.5 yards! yey! I hope you like them as much as I do. I thought it might be nice to giveaway some "unknown designer fabric" away

You have 3 ways to enter:

1- leave a comment- any thing nice is nice
2-follow me
3-blog about it

I'll leave this giveaway open for a week from now- GOOD LUCK!!!

More fun! And lots of pictures!!

As I said, we are going to the zoo! So we went and it was alot of fun!!!!
Here are some of many pictures we {my sister and I took}.
So before going in the actual zoo, there is a "drive through" animal- safari thing


Beautiful! ha?

The kids in the back..

And this is in side the zoo

Just beautiful!!!

Eli and I got the chance to ride on a camel! Eli was so sweet, and I was scared!

Its so amazing to see these beautiful animals but at the same time its shoking to see how little space they have to live in. Its terrable! These are animals that need to be able to run around, hunt- live! And they live in jail for our intertanment.... Its a crime that we ignore in order to "go out" and experiance good things with the kids. And the easy thing is to put it on the side, its hard to deal with such thoughts... I thought to my self, while I was haveing so much fun over their, that I dont want to go their again.... I dont want to take part with that. But I know my self.. I'll do the easy thing for one day, some day... and put those thoughts on the side and go again, for our intertanment.... Its sad.... very sad....

On that same sad thought, their were a few nasty nasty young guy's that were driving like crazy around in one of those golf cars for rent that they have over at the zoo. Drinking beer acting like pigs- or actualy worst then pigs- just nasty! and when we arrieved to this beautiful animal we saw a bottle of beer floating next to him, see?

And more beer..... And then I ask- who sre the animals here?

OK, but we did have some more fun...

My sister and the kids

Eli... so cute!

A unbalivable face! A very sad face.

What is that? He looks like a donky with some zebra stipes. And he was the only one from his kind. he was hanging out with those white gazell's

Kings and queens:

Next day we had Eli's pre school end of the year party. It was very nice and it was sad to say goodbuy- they are so amazing over their!

Saturday we went for a walk in the forest- I love the forest!

My love..

And thats it for now...
Now what about a giveaway?????