Saturday, October 2, 2010

I miss you- blog. and i miss all my blog friends

I realy miss all of you.
I have no contact any more with any one. alot is going on buy even though i have a problem with keeping up with all of you who i follow as well and with all other blogs i follow- my problem is that i am following to many blogs all ready and my google reader is packed with unread posts. i unsubscribed from many blogs all ready so i can still read the ones that i realy like and there are still to many blogs in there! so i am totaly disconected from blogiversary out of israel..

becides that i'll tell you whats new over here- we havent moved yet. we will move in the middle of next week- cant wait!
i have opend a blog-store and have start to sale fabric here in israel- i hope to succeed and grow in time
also it was orens and my anniversary a few days ago but we havent done any thing speciel. i hope we will after we move.

and also- i miss you all and if any of you have a solution on how to get controll on the wild google reader again- i would be happy to hear about it

take care everyone!!!

Pictures of Tom by Alex