Friday, September 25, 2009

Things to eat! or eat with...

New plates to eat with... arent they cute?

Finally!! new cups that i love!
specially the green one..

A frozen choclet cake to eat!

{and i made it- yey!!}

And Tom!! to eat eat eat!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alex's birthday!

This month was Alex's 6'th birthday.

We celebrated with our family at the pool. it was alot of fun! and there was alot of good food that our family knows how to make- perfect!

Hears Alex- eating cake and feeling relaxed

My sister and her boyfrind dany

So diffarent but yet, so alike!

Dany and his brother

My mom with Alex

My husbend, his daughter, our kids and my sister....

hoooo that was long!

Monday, September 7, 2009

I love tom's bed

with to home made sheets, and blanket and pilows and sweet soft toy...

sea swap!

so just before giving birth there was a very cool swap going on.
the theme of the swap was "the ocean".

this is what i made for aline, my swap partner. its a squid from this great blog,
"bit of whimsy dolls":

and may i say how much i love her blog and her great patterns!

and with a felt bag...

Now, as i mentiond, aline was my swap partner. and a lone is one of the most talented wemon i know! everything that she makes looks perfect! she always has the right fabric. and she always knows how and what to do with it. and there are lots of wemon in israel who are adicted to her super great blog! {}

so i was soooo happy to recive this from her!

and as always it looks pefect!!

and how perfect is he???

last friday...

some pictures from last friday...

Tom- doing all kinds of face's

and later on we all went out a little bit to breath some air..

this is the "center" of tivon, where we live...

and tom....

back to september first!

see, this is what happens when you have 3 small kids: there is no time to blog or sew...
so back to september first!
the first day of september is a very special day for me. first of all- its alex's birthday! and this yaer she just turned 6! what a big girl i have! unbalevable! and MAZAL TOV!

the second reson for it being a special day is becues its the first day of school or preschool or day care or what ever! but finely the kids go back to there day care and every thing starts to go back to normal. i mean, 2 monthes of vecation + me haveing a baby, belive me, things became a little defacult.

so for this day i bought some candy and some small presents and a lil'webkinz for alex. i put every thing on the table and woke the kids up.

hear they are dresst up and ready for there day care and preschool, with there new baloons.

and only tom stays with mommy....
and finaly thers time to sleep.....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

open house!

go to "needle little inspiration":
for lots of fun and great giveaways!