Monday, September 7, 2009

back to september first!

see, this is what happens when you have 3 small kids: there is no time to blog or sew...
so back to september first!
the first day of september is a very special day for me. first of all- its alex's birthday! and this yaer she just turned 6! what a big girl i have! unbalevable! and MAZAL TOV!

the second reson for it being a special day is becues its the first day of school or preschool or day care or what ever! but finely the kids go back to there day care and every thing starts to go back to normal. i mean, 2 monthes of vecation + me haveing a baby, belive me, things became a little defacult.

so for this day i bought some candy and some small presents and a lil'webkinz for alex. i put every thing on the table and woke the kids up.

hear they are dresst up and ready for there day care and preschool, with there new baloons.

and only tom stays with mommy....
and finaly thers time to sleep.....

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