Monday, February 15, 2010

I cant wait to get my sewing room back in the house!

My sewing room is in a house that is out side of our house.
i cant wait to moove it back in here! its all taking time beacues of the work that we are doing on the house, little by little...

while my husbend was fixing the wall i did this:
i need to practice on quilting so i want to make many small quilts to hang on a wall one next to each other. and its a great way to practice!

Since my sewing room is not in my house yet i cant sew becuse of tom being with me all the time! so as usall i have been going throgh my google reader every day, looking at so many beautiful blogs, getting inspired, and joining giveaways. This is from a giveaway that i won over rosebud quilts by lovely michelle. {i even won this exactly on my birthday! yey!!}
Michelle is a genios quilter! look in her blog and you will see her beautiful work and family!
thank you michelle!!
Now i am waiting and hoping that my sewing room will moove back fast!! I am inlove!!

And a nother big reason why i need to sew: for tom and the kids!!

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