Thursday, March 25, 2010

A happy post! :-)

Before any thing- i want to thank every one who wrote me and commented about our crazy setuation! i havent found the time to write and comment back but i will!!!
So thank you all so much for being such wonderfull people that can encourage even a stranger from israel.

OK friend- look what arrieved today in the mail: A package of joy from hawthorne fabrics!!
Yes!!! i had orderd this about a week ago- and its here!!! I am so happy!!! Finally some designer fabric!! Now i think i'll be ordering every monthe, i need to get my stash bigger cues one day, i will sew again. Its still one of the loves of my life!

First is a "Dance with me" charm pack

And i need to say that i always love and loved michael miller fabrics!
So i picket 3 diffarent themes from the michael miller section. Each collection is for one of my kids- i want to make a quilt for each of them, when they will have new beds in a new house, new rooms and so...

These half yards are for a quilt for Alex. I will buy some solids here in Israel

And for Eli:

And for Tom

And some random fabric for me to play with..

And this is some stuff i got this week in a store nearby:

And i am almost done with this picture for Tom:

And now i got the rest of this DMC color so i can finish this soon..

So i am happy that i manneged to cross stitch and hand sew latly, hopefully i'll find more time. i have so much more that i want and need to do and make! yey!!


Jingle said...

Oh, that is some super fun projects!!! Both of your WIP's look great so far!

Needled Mom said...

I hope that you will eventually be able to get back to your love of sewing. It looks like you will have all the supplies when you are able. ;) Keep on ordering all of those fabrics for the stash!

Your stitchery is so beautiful. It is fun to have a hand sewing project.

Megan said...

I just love all your new will make lovely quilts for your children! I just love the bright, happy hot air balloons that you make, too!

Melissa Stramel said...

I love the new fabrics. Tula Pink is one of my favorites.

Lia said...'ve been busy!! I totally LOVE THEM!!!!!!I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE themmmm