Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And we celebrated

Last saturday we celebrated Eli's birthday. Now i just love it when my kids have a birthday, i feel like its my birthday to and that i also just turnd 3 or 6... it depends how old they are... Any way, i love it!

So did it very simple, out side in the great weather. Here is Mr. Birthday:

This is him smiling and shy...

Some new friends arrived first:

This is my grandma, my father and Tom

And the presents...
Alex and Raz

Alex got a playmobile piret set

And Eli got a new bike! yey!!

And a playmobile air plain

Daddy is excited as well


The cake....

And that was it!
We had a great time!
And mazal tov Eli!!!
עילאי- מזל טוב מתוק!!


Cyndi said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to Eli!!! Carmel, he is adorable, and it looks like you all had a beautiful day, with family and friends. That's the best way to celebrate, in my opinion!



Needled Mom said...

Happy, happy birthday to Eli.

fiona said...

cool playmobil toys! happy belated birthday Eli!