Saturday, October 2, 2010

I miss you- blog. and i miss all my blog friends

I realy miss all of you.
I have no contact any more with any one. alot is going on buy even though i have a problem with keeping up with all of you who i follow as well and with all other blogs i follow- my problem is that i am following to many blogs all ready and my google reader is packed with unread posts. i unsubscribed from many blogs all ready so i can still read the ones that i realy like and there are still to many blogs in there! so i am totaly disconected from blogiversary out of israel..

becides that i'll tell you whats new over here- we havent moved yet. we will move in the middle of next week- cant wait!
i have opend a blog-store and have start to sale fabric here in israel- i hope to succeed and grow in time
also it was orens and my anniversary a few days ago but we havent done any thing speciel. i hope we will after we move.

and also- i miss you all and if any of you have a solution on how to get controll on the wild google reader again- i would be happy to hear about it

take care everyone!!!

Pictures of Tom by Alex


Needled Mom said...

It is so frustrating to be disconnected. I often get the message that I am following too many blogs, but it doesn't seem to impact my use.

Good luck with your move and happy anniversary!!!

Loved the cute pictures of the little one.

Vicki W said...

There's no use trying to catch up with Google Reader - it's a monster! lol! Go in there and select "all Items" and then "mark All as Read". Done. Your reader is now empty and you can start fresh. Don't let your internet time become a chore. Happy Anniversary!

tiny said...

It is what Vicki se, select "all items"and then "mark all as read"and the problem is last.
Happy Anniversary and you have make beautiful picture's off Tom

Cyndi said...

Carmel, I know exactly how you are feeling, honey. I'm having a similar problem. I'm handling it by taking a blogging break...I am not posting or commenting on blogs for the entire month of October. I made an exception for you because I like you so much and consider you one of my best blogger friends. Sometimes real life just takes over and our blogs have to take a back seat to it. I agree with Vicki and Tiny...just delete everything from your Google reader and start fresh. I have had to do that before. No one will mind...everyone has done the same thing at some point. What I try to do is just follow the people that I really enjoy a "relationship" with...the ones that always comment on my blog and send me personal e-mails - you know, the ones that are real friends. There are 252 people following me right now and out of that number, I hear from maybe 35 on a regular basis...and those are the ones that I follow. And I enjoy each of their blogs. You can always just "bookmark" some of the other ones that you like to read occasionally, but you don't have to follow them or comment on them. Like Vicki said, don't let you internet time become a chore or you will find yourself so over-whelmed that you just never want to come back!

Now, a belated Happy Anniversary to you and Oren. I'm sure once your move is completed, you two will be able to share a nice celebration together. Good luck with the move...I know you are excited to get into a place of your own. I'm so happy for you that you have started an on-line store and wish you much success. And of course, Tom is just as adorable as always!

Take good care, sweet one, and know that I am here for you if you ever need an ear!

Much love,


P.S. Be sure to e-mail me your new address once you've gotten moved and settled in!