Friday, September 16, 2011

Alice and Vicky are ready + A new doll in the house

Vicky is now a new girl.
she got customized by my friend natigil76 on flicker- and i am amazed!!!
i still dont have her here. shes at ilil's house after beeing photographed by her.
these pictures were taken by ilil ziv- amazing!!!!

My dear Alice finaly came back home. Here she's just walking in after a long trip. Alice has 3 new beauty marks+ custom painted eye chips+ new aye chips which i bought from ebay

what a perfect perfect doll she is!!!!!

her sleepy eye's... :-)

And this is the new family member! This girl belongs to my doughter and her name is Nadia :-)

Alexs 2 dolls up to today :-)

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