Monday, July 20, 2009

The museum of science in haifa- israel

We went to the museum of science in haifa. for a long time we had wantd to go there. i have ben there a few times but only as a chiled. but now, that I'm married and as mothere, plus my husband and i love science... so we just had to spend a day there with the kids... soon i wont be able to go out with 3 small kids, so it was a good apportunity to go out like that. and we hade a great time!

I didnt take pictures of every thing we saw, and it was very hard to concentrate and understand every thing that they have over there becues we had to look after Eli, our wild 2 year old boy. but still, even with out understanding every single thing we hade a great time!

Here's some pictures- there's a realy pretty room of an old toy collection. here's some of thoes very cool toy's from the past:

Another cool room was a room that showd the science behind magic.
Here's a real elephant in the mirror! just joking, its me.... but i sure do look like one!!

How objects "fly" in the air:

A bed of nail's... very cool!!
{my husband oren and our daughter alex}

O my god! where's her body?

And my favorite room was the "dark room" that has alot of great stuff to injoy
Here's a ball with electricity

and last picture, alex and eli with the colores of light

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