Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recent swaps and recent shops

Recent swaps:

This is a beautiful pillow that i recieved from the "animal swap" that we did a a month ago in our forum. Thanks shoshy!!!! i love it!!!!!
I'v sent out the needle feltd dog that i'v showed hear a while ago.

But i 'v also sent this to a nother nice lady-

This is a beautiful stash of ribbons that i have just recieved! i love it!!! and i havent sent any thing in returen yet... but i will!! thanks michal!!

And remember the summer FQ swap from the 2 hippos blog?
So i have already sent mine out a while ago, and this is what i recieved from dayna from http://scottieacres.blogspot.com/
i love this piece of fabric!!! it brings me back to girlish colores that i'v almost fergot about....
any way i love it and cant wait to make something out of it!

Another swap that hasent ended yet is the fabric swap from sarah great blog: http://www.rhinestonesandtelephones.blogspot.com/
And i'v sent these directly to sarah her self, sarah what do you think about this?
I hope you like it :-)

And now, recent shopping:
This is the result of being pregnant! some wemon crave diffarent flavers of food. But i crave food and fabric!!!
So theres a "nick name" that sales fabric and scrap stuff over a forum that go in. and her prices are better then what i find around my area of living.
this is what i bought for my future baby. i bought a tottal of 7 meters of fabric! yayyyy!!! i love getting alot of fabric!
im about to sew some crib sheets for the baby.

But, unfortantly these 2 fabrics are not 100% cotton. Not every one would know the diffarence... i know that they lie in many stores and say that its cotton when its realy blended. So thats what happend to the nice lady that i bought this from.
So if any one would like to have these fabrics for the use of clothes, or something alls and has any thing to offer me in returen- be my gest and write me about it to my mail.

Next please....
2 half meter fabrics from the neer by shop... arent they adorable???
I bought this out of pure craving....

and today i craved something new, again....... its realy not me.... its the baby inside of me......

Now i'm hungry for more!

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Cheryl said...

So many cute fabrics! I love the little birds above! And your little stuffed animal is adorable!