Tuesday, August 25, 2009

for tom

tom is 2 weeks old!! {plus one day...}
and for his 2 week birthday i'll show you what i made for him while i was pregnant.

hear's tom, 2 weeks old!

a rag quilt for him

matching crib sheets

flannel blankets with a coton fabric polka dot side

and a small quilted basket for all kinds of stuff

and thats it!
i cant wait to get back in sewing again! i miss it so much and have alot to do!

1 comment:

ayelet(nishale) said...

אוהבת את השם שנתת לתינוקי החדש שלך

והשמיכה- הו וואו- יפייפיה! כל כך עדינה ומלאת תום...
הוא עוד יעביר אותה לילדים שלו......
חיבוק גדול חמודה