Sunday, July 25, 2010

More fun! And lots of pictures!!

As I said, we are going to the zoo! So we went and it was alot of fun!!!!
Here are some of many pictures we {my sister and I took}.
So before going in the actual zoo, there is a "drive through" animal- safari thing


Beautiful! ha?

The kids in the back..

And this is in side the zoo

Just beautiful!!!

Eli and I got the chance to ride on a camel! Eli was so sweet, and I was scared!

Its so amazing to see these beautiful animals but at the same time its shoking to see how little space they have to live in. Its terrable! These are animals that need to be able to run around, hunt- live! And they live in jail for our intertanment.... Its a crime that we ignore in order to "go out" and experiance good things with the kids. And the easy thing is to put it on the side, its hard to deal with such thoughts... I thought to my self, while I was haveing so much fun over their, that I dont want to go their again.... I dont want to take part with that. But I know my self.. I'll do the easy thing for one day, some day... and put those thoughts on the side and go again, for our intertanment.... Its sad.... very sad....

On that same sad thought, their were a few nasty nasty young guy's that were driving like crazy around in one of those golf cars for rent that they have over at the zoo. Drinking beer acting like pigs- or actualy worst then pigs- just nasty! and when we arrieved to this beautiful animal we saw a bottle of beer floating next to him, see?

And more beer..... And then I ask- who sre the animals here?

OK, but we did have some more fun...

My sister and the kids

Eli... so cute!

A unbalivable face! A very sad face.

What is that? He looks like a donky with some zebra stipes. And he was the only one from his kind. he was hanging out with those white gazell's

Kings and queens:

Next day we had Eli's pre school end of the year party. It was very nice and it was sad to say goodbuy- they are so amazing over their!

Saturday we went for a walk in the forest- I love the forest!

My love..

And thats it for now...
Now what about a giveaway?????


Cyndi said...

Hi Carmel! It looks like you and the kids did have a good time at the zoo. However, I agree with you and feel the same way about the animals being pinned up. I haven't been to the zoo in years because I just can't stand to see it. It is very sad and I feel bad for those poor creatures.

Your trip to the forest looked like fun, as well. You all had a really full weekend!



Millie said...

Beautiful pictures of the Zoo and the kids. What a great family you have.

Sammy said...

Hi Carmel,
I love the Zoo Pictures. I used to go to our local zoo to watch the birds. I was not too keen on the animals. Mind you the monkeys can be very funny. this is the first time I visit your blog , and I really like it.

I have some nice pictures about my last trip to Egypt in my blog .Check it out.

Take care.

-Samya :-)

Kristen said...

You look like you had fun!

I love the camping! I can't wait until the littlest one is out of diapers!