Sunday, January 17, 2010

Posting with pain

The last few weeks have been full of viroses, hospitals, feavers and now some stiches to add to it.
And im not talking about the pretty colorful stiches that we all like doing by our selfs...

So first of all i am sorry for not writing any thing here. Sorry for not creating anything at all and posting about it. And i am sorry for not reaturning emails to the ones that i was in a middle of a conversation with.

So this is what was going on in my life latly: Tom had fever for 2 days, Then when he was better, Eli got very sick. just throwing up and everyting.. he was hospetalized for 3 days and he had some kind of a nasty viros. he lost over a kilo from his wight {that is almost 10% of his wight!} and there for he stayd home for the past week. today he went back to day care! yey!!
But then last thursday i hade a appointment at the dentist... WHY?? to take a wisdom tooth out!!
HHHHHAAA... i know that for some its a easy thing to do. but mine took over 40 minuts and with 3 stiches in my mouth... i can hardly talk... but i think that i may have lost a few kilos!! HA!
and next month i will go through this again! on the other side of my mouthe...
Seriosly- i hate it!

But hey! i won some giveaways latly! and that i must share!

Eli before getting sick. Who took these amazing pictures???? ALEX!

This is how winter looks in israel. Not very cold. Some rain, once in a few days or even weeks...

The one and only: My Alex..

And giveaways! This is a giveaway that i won back at october. and it arrieved at november. This is a great pattern book that i won over sparkbarks blog.
You should realy go chek her out! she has a lovely blog! thanks Liz!!

And this amazing throw is from Elizabeth from
Elizabeth is a amazing person- She is very very nice! its obvios from her e mails. And i won this giveaway at the last sewmamasew giveaways
Igot very lucky- cues its not the only giveawy that i won at the sewmamasew giveaways

I also won this super great giveaway from lovely Nathalia from
also from the SMS giveaways.
Now that is a blog to follow. every post is beautiful! and she has great tutorials!

Whats in the bag??

Fabric!!! i cant wait to use it! its perfect for 2 boys and one girl!!!
thanks alot lia!!!

And this is a very special giveaway and blog to learn from. "the green bag lady" who gave away 100 bags to reduce the use of plastic bags. Also from the SMS giveaways

And it came with fabric to make a nother bag and giveaway. i will do that and add some stuff to it and do a giveawawy here.


And while runing back and forth from the hospital i got an e mail from christy from :
i loove this blog! i always follow her! and i won a giveaway! thanks!!!

This is not it. there is one more giveaway that i won at the SMS giveaways
but somehow the picture didnt come up in this post. so stay tuned...

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Needled Mom said...

I am glad that everyone is doing better now. It has been a bad time for you.

What lovely gifts you have received through giveaways.