Saturday, January 30, 2010


I am a every day winner for having this baby next to me! I love him!!!

And now- the giveaway:
First prize goes to: #7 dragonfrye!!! and yes!!! ofcorse you can enter! i will ship any where in the world! i hope you will injoy your packege!!
Second prize goes to: #10 bubbachenille!!! i am so happy that you came all along from australia to my giveaway! hope you like the baby pink prize!
and third place is: #14 my childs diary!!! i will be so happy to give your sweet son the bag! he is
the cutes! and yes- i do think from reading your blog that you are a super mother! well done!!
i will be contacting all of you in the morning.
thanks for entering my giveaway!
good luck and take care!

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