Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's new- part 2

I think i might have been a little more active in this past few weeks. I finaly understud that i am not going to sew with a sewing machine in the close future... I may once or twice but thats a problem to do since its stored with all my fabric... until we move to a new home.

Any way, i found this 12 step program.
I look at it as a tipe of "rehab" for sewests that fell of track, like me! So if you want to join and you might feel the same, this is a good way to start again!

This i did not creat, i bought these fabrics cues thats a very important thing to do no matter what!

Now, if i cant sew I rather stick to what is possible at the moment and do it alot! {hopefully..}
Needle stitching and Needle felting are 2 things i love and can carry in boxes around the house...
So thats what i am doing for now.
Finally i finished this! Since 2009!! Ages ago!

And i have this sweet vitage ondori cross stitch book. And ofcorse i would want to make every thing in this book. so now its a good time to dig in

I am making the 3 fruts

2 are ready, one to go!

I also joind a stitch along group that the theme is 100 blessings in our lives.
Its calld: "counting my blessings".
To read more about it go here
The woman behind this stitch along is Amy from
This is a must must must visit blog! super talented!!!

This is the my fabric and thred that i chose for this project

And i also joind the ugly quilt contest- very funny thing!
I am not going to win, even though my quilt is the ugliest. But it was mainly fun and funny!

Thats it for now. Its 10:30pm the kids are finaly a sleep and now its time for me to stitch some more
Good night


malia said...

thanks for your kind words on shey's blog (g-way #19) it means a lot to me. looks like you are super duper creative!

Aunt Spicy said...

I totally think I need to join the 12 step program!

Thanks for visiting my blog, this giveaway is so fun for finding new blogs to read!

Beach Vintage said...

Hi Carmel. I love your cross stitching efforts, they would leave mine for dead, I have no time!!! Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage and I hope to see you again soon.