Monday, May 31, 2010

Whats new?

I finished these fruits. Now I am waiting to find the time and quilt them with white fabric, as a wall hang for my future kitchen

I changed the colors for my "counting my blessings" project

And this is a little something I won on rice babies blog:
beautiful blog beautiful creations!
And by the way I didnt win any thing on the sew mama sew giveaway, if any one wonderd- which is totaly fine.

And look what I found next to a garbage in the kibbutz: {not the dog, this dog is a friend of my daughter. she plays with her all day, they even talk :-) }
These beautiful chairs! What sould i do with them? pain them? or cross stitch something?

Eli got his first hair cut by me! {not that I know how to cut hair}
So sweet, now he looks like a big boy! And you can see my mom in the back

Thats me and Eli.
I cant wait to loos all this weight, I look like I'm 6 monthes pregnent for god's sake

That smile... = $1,000,000

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Megan said...

Those fruits are going to look great on a white background. Be sure to share the finished product! Your kids always look so happy - that must be because you're a great mother, right?