Friday, June 18, 2010

Blessings of love and happiness

Love- that we all have one another
I have my husbend and my kids and they are everything for me. We are everything for each other.
I am lucky to have all of them in my life. I cant emagine my self with out them

Even though this is not a easy time in our life-Happiness is always something we eger for
I am thankfull for seeing my kids happy, laughing
and Happy for what we have!


tongfengdemao said...

I think Love is all there is, really. Without it we are nothing.

I like how you embedded the heart in the red, making it so full.

Sew Many Blessings
Needle & Fabric Art

Mel Makes Pretty said...

Hi Carmel,
Thanks for entering my little giveaway. You did not win but I wanted to send you a few little bits of lace as a thank you for visiting my Blog.
Could you please email me with your address and I will send you some vintage lace from Australia.
P.S I really like your stitching :)