Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What have I been up to...

Its summer and I have 3 kids, so there is no crafty moments in this post or at all in my life for the last monthe.

Before the end of Alex's pre school I took her out alon, with out Eli to do what ever she want's
She chose to go buy a playmobile toy, then to mecdonalds, then to the mall to eat some ice cream then to another shopping center where I broke down again and bought her a science experement kit, and 2 science books... what can i do? its educational!!!

So Alex was defenatly a typical girl, intrested in food and shopping... I wunder how she became that way.. :-)

O, and ofcorse where ever I go Tom goes with me

Alex's preschool end of the year party- soon she will start first grade! yey!!! big girl!

This is my day with Eli. We went to the museum of science. He has a Egiption costum on his head, by the way....
So I took alot of pictures so I made these colages to make it easyer to shere. Here he is next to a real army air plain

And then we went in the museum and started with this fun room for little kids with all kinds of educational interactive toys

This is for us, girls- the history of printing. I couldnt realy stand there and read about it cues I had Eli running around but some fast pictures of it

Eli looking at the insides of a working car

This room is amazing for us mommy's- its all vintage toys- amazing!

And these are things that were found some how and belongd to Elan Ramon from the Columbia space shuttle. Remember what happend? Ya, its very sad...

My name on the door. I sais "between carmel and the sea"

A cool camra... Thats fat me....

Summer vecation... the kids are now home all day long, so here they are out side playing with mud

And this was yesterday! My sister and I took the kids to this crazy fun play thing for a few hours where we all had alot of fun and after that we went to an erab resturant- it was alot of fun!
Every thing was alot of fun!!

And its not over! tomorrow we are going to the zoo and day after that is Eli's end of the year day care party.. and we still want to go to the museum of science again...
By the way this is my 98th post- soon giveaway! I cant wait!


Megan said...

You are staying busy! Your kids look like they are having so much fun with all the fun places you are taking them.

Cyndi said...

It really looks like you and the kids are having a wonderful summer and staying busy. I love the pictures of them in the mud... I used to do that when I was little! And girl, you are NOT fat...you are beautiful (and so are the kids)!



ringmaster said...

wow those toys collections are really cool! i have a little collection but not quite that size!!!

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