Thursday, October 1, 2009

Giving back....

Do you know the feeling when someone does somthing amazing for you or gives you something great! just like that, out of the blue...
And then, at the time, you dont have a way to repay them... but you realy realy want to repay them becues it was somthing amazing and you know that you will always appreciate and remmeber it... so its somthing that goes with you, untill you find the time to give back.

Thats what i feel about certain people, that gave me something and i just cant get it out of my head. i must do somthing for them as well- i am very thankfull.

So add that to some sewing tutorials that you'v always plannd on doing but never got to it

and what do you get?

thats exactly what im doing latly in my life.
i have 2 long lists in my head:
1- for certain people
2- certain sewing tutorials

And i am happy to say that i am terning thoes lists in to reality! and its lots of fun!!

In the very close future i'll be showing you what i gave to who and why. but its going to take a little while to finish every project- I can't wait!!!

Hears a little something i made for Tom. the big basket is the new one. It add's up to the smaller one i'v done before giving birth.

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