Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Giving back to Enbal

The first frend i had in mind that i shuld give back to is Enbal.
Enbal is one of the most nicest people i know. She is like an angel. Always nice, smart, giving...
She is a super talented painter. And she gave me 5 amazing paintings! and since then i knew that one day i'll have to sit down and start sewing back for her... and sew i did!
At 9-9-9 she gave birth to a perfect new baby, so that was a nother good reson to sew for.

{And since i have my own little baby, i made every thing twice!}

A rag quilt for her baby

A bag for Enbal

And one for me. I think that this bag looks very like a diper bag.


A worm from "little bit of whimsy dolls" blog
The pink is for her, the blue is for tom
Again, one for her and one for tom

And i little banana i made a while back and never had any use. Also for Enbal..

Every thing for her, together..


Trudy Callan said...

That is so sweet. I love everything that you've made. Come and visit if you get a chance. I am participating in National Honesty Month; so it should be interesting. It's your chance to learn a little bit more about me.

Inbal Weisman said...

איזה יופי של יצירות! אני בטוחה שענבל שמחה עד מאוד!