Saturday, July 16, 2011

And then I fell in love...

Looking around the web, getting to know the dolls out there..
I came a cross this beauty! Blythe PRECIOUS CANDY'S MUSHROOM or PCM
I totaly fell inlove with her, i know she wasnt such a popular doll, but to me she was a total favorite!
Her price is about 2 times highr then vicky's so i started serching for a used one and on paymants
Did i find one? :-)

Yes! I did! I came across this beauty from the UK looking for a new home LOVE

After 2 monthes she was payed off and this is her when i just got her {last week}
Her new name given by me is: DAWN

She has all kinds of used marks but i think she looks great in avery picture! plus she is going to get costumized by a costume artist soon!


This is why I love her! She is so cool!

Here she is with a dress I bought for her

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Needled Mom said...

I love her freckles and red hair!!! Have fun with her.