Saturday, August 27, 2011

chocolate and venilla

It all started before summer vecation.
My husbends doughter, Raz, fell inlove with my Vicky and wanted a doll for her self :-)
Her mother decided to buy her one for the comming summer vecation and gave me the money to order one for cheap.
Buying chocolate and vanilla together is the cheapest way to go :-)
Any way our doughter Alex wanted one as well {and what ever is her's is mine!} :-D
They arrieved before PCM.. and here they are:

Come out! :-0

Sisters :-)

All together for the day before vanilla goes to her new house with Raz

By the way, chocolates neme is Chocolate

and vanillas name is Lili

Chocolate with a dress and crown made by me. The dress was made for a rainbow challenge on flickr


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