Sunday, August 28, 2011

And then came beautiful Alice!

After getting Chole I wanted another one :-)
One morning I got a phone call from a friend telling me that she wants to sale this customized beauty call'd Alice and she wanted to let me know becues she rememberd that i liked her
Yes, that was true, i did love the way she looks. I remember seeing her in photos when she was a regular mango doll, I remember the pictures that came out after she got costumized by a costum artist. When I saw what she turned in to I always said that she is the most beautifull red head {or orange} that I'v ever seen! + she was all ready! costumized+ new body :-)

Here are a few pictures taken by her former mommy: Ilil Ziv

picture by: ilil ziv

picture by: ilil ziv

A bag of good's given to me by ilil for purchasing Alice {which was my pleasure ofcource:-) }

Alice here with me, a little sad for leaving ilil. But I promised her that ill take good care of her :-)

As I said, I planed on taking good care of her so this is a dress+hat i got especially for her

isnt she perfect???

And now shes not here

Alice and Vicky are at the "spa"

getting costumized and will return soon


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Needled Mom said...

I just love their big eyes! She is beautiful.