Monday, August 29, 2011

Sewing for Blythe

Collecting blythe for me is a great opportunity to sew!

First thing was renewing this cute basket so I can use it for my only doll+clothes I had back then, which was Vicky.
The christmas fabric is the BEFORE
and the vintage fabric is the AFTER
Up until this basket I havent sewd any thing for over a year. I was pretty rusty :-)

Then came these skirts I had in mind of making. I still make them for sales, swaps, trades and so..

I made this for a swap, which up until this day I got nothing inreturn+ she kind of disappeard... Im pretty pissed about it now when I look at this picture :-/

The swap theme was: SPRING

Made this for another swap which was very successful! My swap partner is now a friend on flickr- she's very sweet!

The swap theme was: SUMMER

I made the rainbow dress for a challenge on flickr. The theme was: RAINBOW

and I made the B&W dress just for the funny picture :-)

More clothes and dresses Iv made

Dress made for a private swap with a driend in israel

One of my skirts and I'v fixed this overall by making is shorter

More skirts but the picture if funny so i had to add it :-)

Dress made for chocolate which is realy my doughters doll, but shes like mine lol

And Im still sewing, still swapping, more pictures will be taken soon

I cant wait for the kids to go back to school! I cant wait to realy sew! pillows,quilts, real size clothes and so..

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