Saturday, August 27, 2011


So Alex and Raz were getting each a new doll from the box! I was already paying PCM-Dawn off in payments so it didnt count :-)
I needed a new doll for my self!
One night I saw on ebay a very starnge thing! I saw this little beauty standing on 99c and less then 24 hours before the sale ends.. In the morning I saw that she was still standing on just 99c! So i waited and waited all day in front of the computer! it was such a tough day! At the end I won her for just $64!!! Now this doll is usally $220! So this was totaly a miracle and i won big time!+she is so sweet, i love her and her name is Chole :-)

Look at all the goodies they sent me in the package with her - straight from Japan!

Come play with us :-)

Chole with all her stock clothes and she has quite alot!

You are so beautiful!

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Needled Mom said...

You did score...big time. Congratulations!